dijous, 29 d’octubre de 2009

Troben mort el falcó sagrat (Falco cherrug) que va creuar Catalunya.

 L'emissor via satèlit feia dies que emitia des d'un mateix punt i això va fer sorpitar als científics que feien el seguiment.
Finalment van trobar a Piros (tot i el nom era una femella) moribunda prop de Cap Blanc, a Mauritania, prop de la darrera gran colònia de vell marí de la Mediterrània.


Dear Colleagues

Unfortunately, I have a sad news for you.
A few days ago - following of my request - an international team of
biologists working with monk seals in Mauritania found the body of
Piros on a peninsula on the northern part of the country (see 20.77100
-17.04467). When first seen, Piros seemed exhausted but the colleagues
could not help her. She spent 8 days in the area before her signals
disappeared. There is no explanation for her death since apparently
there is plenty of food around: shorebirds, gulls and probably
passerine migrants too. Nevertheless, the possibility of getting too
tired after crossing the desert and not being able to hunt is not
excluded. Further possibilities are: secondary poisoning (a large
number of ships have been dismantled and sank in the area), some kind
of disease or some unknown factor. It is a strange co-incidence,
however that in 1979 a dead Saker was found by French ornithologists
in Star Bay - just a few km north of the place where Piros has been
found. This fact raises the question whether this phenomenon occurs
from year to year, and this place is really a some kind of trap for
Sakers; or it is really just a co-incidence and these two birds were
found there co-incidently. This story shows again how little we know
about our ecosystem and its 'elements'.
Certainly, it would be worth looking around there, however I can't see
at the moment how we could get there in the close future.
The transmitter will be returned to us across Madrid with the help of
a Spanish member of the team (to whom goes a great thanks).
Unfortunately, it seems that this is the end of the great story of Piros.
Thank you again for your invaluable help and I will inform you if
there is any developments.
All the best
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